Kane County Major Crimes


Task Force

The mission of the Kane County Major Crimes Task Force is to provide timely assistance to member agencies that become involved in a major investigation by providing additional expertise, manpower and equipment. KCMCTF will work the following types of case: Homicide, serial sexual assault, serial arson, major bombing, non-parental kidnapping, complex violent crimes against people, heinous crimes, complex crime scene processing and evidence collection.

The primary administrator or designee of any member agency may request task force assistance upon the discovery of a qualified incident. The administrator, or appointee will contact the KCMCTF commander by contacting the Kane County Sheriff's Office communication division at (630) 232-8400. The KCMCTF may assist the lead agency for up to five days. Requests for assistance beyond five days are subject to review by the KCMCTF command and the Kane County Chiefs of Police Association.